I've been working with Katie for almost a year and I can't speak highly enough of her. She always takes time to talk with me, in person and online through the patient portal, and never makes me feel rushed. She listens intently and connects (seemingly unconnected) dots. She thoroughly examines my labs, checks and researches her hunches. Within a very short time of working with her, I went from suffering daily discomfort to living symptom-free. She tells it like it is, and while she might have to deliver a hard message about foods to eliminate, heed her advice because she really knows her stuff. I can vouch that she is a total gut expert who, among other things, knows more about SIBO and candida than you ever thought possible!


Bethesda, MD

Katie is an amazing Nutritionist!  She approaches her work with humor, compassion and a wealth of knowledge.  I came in with a crazy skin rash, but she was able to connect invisible dots to conclude that the real problem was with my gut.  It turns out that sugar and carbs are my enemy.  She coaxed me through a total overhaul of my diet.  Once I corrected what I was eating, the rash cleared up and I shed a massive amount of weight.  I am forever grateful and will be a client for life!


Bethesda, MD

Katie (RD/Functional Nutritionist) is passionate about making her patients feel better and emphasizes a personalized approach to healing. I have experienced GI symptoms for years and Katie is the first practitioner that has been able to help me. With her expertise and listening ear she determined the root cause (SIBO). Thanks to her encouragement, support and holistic treatment plan, I am now SIBO free and feel amazing. I highly recommend Katie to anyone with GI complaints.


Bethesda, MD

I spent years trying to manage chronic thyroid and parathyroid disease using conventional medicine but never felt like I was reaching my optimal physical potential or that any particular physician was paying attention to my whole health picture.  I recently turned to a Functional Medicine doctor who felt that I could also benefit from the guidance of a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and recommended Katie Morra. With Katie I have found a knowledgeable and caring professional who is invested in helping me use nutrition to maximize my health. After a thorough overall health review we began the process of identifying problem foods and habits and devising a nutrition plan that will best work for me and my particular issues.  I especially appreciate her collaborative method of discussing rather than lecturing so that together we are partners in devising a plan that will work specifically for me. My experience with Katie has been only positive and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who wants to better understand nutrition and the impact it has on our overall health and well-being.



Glens Falls, NY

I came to Katie Morra for help with diet concerns and testing for food allergens. The help she provided was phenomenal, from crafting me a personalized diet plan, to analyzing my diet intake, to answering questions on the fly when I needed help. I have been able to better regulate my dietary intake and solve alot of problems that I was unsure how to tackle. Katie invests a substantial amount of time and energy in helping her clients and it shows in her work.


Averill Park, NY

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease I was overwhelmed by all the shoulds and should nots. My doctor referred me to Katie Morra to help with the dietary aspect of the disease. Through two video conferences she answered many of my nutritional questions and provided me with a good nutritional guide. Hashimoto's Disease requires attention in many areas and with Katie's help I am moving in a positive direction in the nutritional direction. 


Clarksburg, MD

Katie was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! With her guidance, I was able to resolve issues I had been experiencing for months through both a detox program and a strategic elimination diet. She also made herself available whenever questions arose and was able to provide me with several meal plans to facilitate my adherence to the elimination diet. 


Albany, NY

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I would like to take a moment to thank Katie for all of her help in regards to my weight loss, quality of sleep and the major reduction of knee pain. Since starting with her 6 weeks ago I have lost close to 11 pounds, I find myself having more energy and many of the aches and pains I had each day in my knee are pretty much gone. I believe the  nutrition plan she set me up on along with the recommended supplements played a vital role. In addition, her flexibility in allowing me to email her daily so that I could get immediate feedback on my eating was a huge help. In the past I have tried other nutritionists with little to no success. I feel what separates Katie from the rest is her strong knowledge base, her ability to effectively communicate that to her clients and her ability to motivate in a positive manner. 


Latham, NY

Working with Katie on my gut issues was fantastic! I needed guidance and a partner in figuring out what was causing my symptoms. Katie was extremely patient, full of information and encouraging through the entire process. For something that can feel like an overwhelming task Katie made it totally manageable and now I am symptom free!


Bethesda, MD

Katie has been a lifesaver. I came in with significant autoimmune symptoms. Turns out, Katie helped me figure out that parasites were also an issue and we have been working together ever since. The combination of supplements and lifestyle tips has helped me make significant progress in my healing. Ironically, we rarely discuss food! A lot of the time, it’s about symptoms and root cause. She’s also abreast of the latest and greatest which I love. 


Bethesda, MD

Working with Katie was a fresh of breath air! When I first met with her, I was struggling with many gut issues. I had been told by previous professionals that I had an intolerance to dairy, however, as time went on I found myself experiencing uncomfortable symptoms with almost every food I ate. I felt so discouraged. As I described my symptoms to Katie in our initial appointment,  she immediately suspected SIBO, which explained my sudden "intolerance" to most of the foods I was eating. She ordered some tests and sure enough she was right. Since then, Katie has uncovered the cause of my other symptoms (acne, fatigue, bloating, etc.) and each of them has been tied to my gut. Through her treatment plan, I've experienced so much relief and feel like myself again (and even tolerate dairy in moderation). The overarching theme of my experience with Katie over the last year is that through listening to me, asking a lot of questions, and doing tests the get actual proof (not just guess), she gets to the root cause. The way she treats is by addressing the underlying issue, not just putting a bandaid on my symptoms, as I've too often experienced in the past. I've recommended her to anyone I know that complains of gut and digestive issues, because she truly is the best!


Bethesda, MD

I recently was seeking help with my overall health and especially my diet and found Katie Morra, a functional medicine dietitian. She was my last resort and a good one. I had gone to my primary care physician for an evaluation. My doctor used blood work to evaluate  numerous levels including my hormone levels. My primary complaint to my doctor was recurring stomach pain. When all the testing came back normal, I decided to look at my diet.  When I found Katie, she did a full analysis and started me on an elimination diet and with her support and knowledge, showed me that I had numerous food sensitivities that were making me feel horrible. Katie helped me through a 28 day detox and in just a few days I started to feel better and as a bonus, lost weight. I've lost 15 pounds and feel great and healthy. I can't thank Katie enough for the help and continued support. I now have the tools and knowledge to continue with my healthy lifestyle and would recommend Katie to all my friends and family.


Albany, NY

I struggled with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for over a year and had little success with topicals, pills, and even major name brand biologics. After I began to think there was no hope, I met with Katie and she taught me about leaky gut. We set up my new diet plan in a little less than 30 minutes. It was easy and she made it very simple. After 12 weeks of being on the diet my skin began healing and my knee pain stopped. She was very professional, supportive, and answered all of my questions I had along the way.


Latham, NY

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