Travel Tips

I recently traveled to Iceland for 8 days- AMAZING! If you are looking for a vacation to realign your spiritual happiness and actively see some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see- I strongly suggest Iceland. But this trip got me thinking about my body, diet and traveling a bit. Fortunately enough, I was able to travel with my foodie sister and two friends that are always interested in learning more about functional nutrition and also expressing to me what they enjoy reading about on here- so here goes nothing, ladies!

Now in a perfect world, everyone would be able to travel anywhere without their digestive system and nerves getting out of whack and having plentiful access to fruits, veggies and other healthy foods. But I know first hand, and I hear it week after week with my clients, that traveling shy's us away from choosing the healthiest lifestyle and foods. I get it- we want to experience the vacation to it's full potential and try the foods of the culture that you're immersed in (see carb and dairy loaded photograph above!). But there are always ways to compromise!

Tips for my travel lovers:

1. Always bring your daily supplements with you. Especially a quality grade, non-refrigerated probiotic and prebiotic! I also highly recommend bringing a magnesium citrate supplement for those out there whose body's reject travel. A good portion of people are unable to maintain their bathroom regularity once they're traveling and out of their norm- you can help promote regularity with the above supplements.

2. Always bring snacks with you. I am guilty of probably packing more snacks in my suitcase than necessary clothing for trips. I always have protein bars or shakes on me and hopefully some nuts or fruits as well. This trip to Iceland I made sure I had a bag of Macadamia nuts and an Oatmega ( for each morning. I usually will have some form of Metagenics protein supplement as well (contact me for more information on these products). Find a piece of fruit and it can give you the relief to know you will have at least one healthy, readily available meal on you a day. It can very easy to go away and consume far less protein, fruits and vegetables than your body requires.

3. Walk to a local grocery store once you arrive and load up on a few things you're most likely not to order at a restaurant. My friends on this trip would come back with fruits, water, wasabi peas etc. Just so we had some additional healthy snacks when we were hiking or in a car with no access to food. There are always better options and ways to simply prepare for those moments!

4. Pick one meal a day to indulge in - you can experience new foods or what your destination has to offer you without constantly feeling guilty . If you know you're going to order something amazing and possibly not the healthiest option on the menu, then pre-plan a little in your mind. Look at menus ahead of time if you can! If you know you want to order for dinner you can make a choice to eat healthier options all day and without guilt, enjoy dinner. I tell my clients all of the time, I understand when they "slip up" (in their minds)- we're human after all. And part of your well being is happiness and sometimes happiness can stem from a food or a wine with friends and we should enjoy this. But there are ways to prevent the guilt of a "slip up" from becoming an all day or all week affair. Don't get into the mindset of well I ate terribly all day so why not keep going?

5. Try to plan something active each day- this doesn't mean you have to run 5 miles a day by any means, but this does mean you can make a simple choice with a lot of benefits. Try to walk to a restaurant instead of driving a few miles down the road. Walk the city to go shopping or to eat every day (this adds up fast), plan a hiking excursion, rent bikes for the day, take a walk on the beach or to a water front to get some coffee in the morning and walk/run back, go for a swim in the ocean or lake, go out dancing...

What travel tips do you follow??