Getting More Miles From Your Fuel

In today’s fast tracked world, it is becoming more common that the everyday individual does not have a well-balanced, whole foods diet. Whether it results from their Western diet and lifestyle, maldigestion, malabsorption, diet restriction, or other medical issues, their overall health can suffer the consequences. Consuming an array of the total nutrients offered in a healthy, varied diet, can help to keep our body functioning at its full potential.

It seems that you always hear that friend complaining about how tired they are regardless of their sleep pattern, exercise habits, and overall lifestyle. Do we ever stop and think that perhaps the reason someone feels so pooped out could have something to do with his or her general diet? Although there are many factors and dietary concerns that could play a role in ones sluggishness, an area that I find very interesting is how the “power houses” of the body or mitochondria play a role in energy metabolism.

So what exactly do the mitochondria do to benefit us on a daily basis? Every cell in the human body contains an abundance of these “power houses” which have the very important job of generating sufficient energy to be used. Through metabolic processes, mitochondria use both your intake of oxygen and food to fuel every function and process in the body. When your mitochondria are not functioning to their full potential you may experience fatigue, possible weight gain and a cloudy mind- and who wants that?

These “power houses” tend to be very sensitive to inflammation caused by oxidative stress. There are many causes of inflammation in the body but a few factors are inflammatory foods, a lack of essential nutrients, as well as a lack of exercise. When inflammation is present in the human body it can lead to oxidative stress on the cells which leads to a decreased functioning of your mitochondria.

Don’t be afraid to help yourself out, give those babies the pampering of a lifetime and the mecca of a prosperous environment. Refined sugars, empty calories, high fat, and processed foods can all put the kibosh on that energy production party that is taking place in all of your cells. A diet full of whole foods, antioxidants and a solid exercise regimen can only benefit your body and protect your cells from this oxidative damage.

If you have been feeling like a prisoner to brain fog and exhaustion- I would recommend talking to your physician and/or a reputable pharmacist about potential nutrient supplementation. Although I recommend trying to receive your daily values of nutrients through your meals if possible, if taken appropriately, a little help might be just the trick!

A few supplements that may give you that extra kick in the pants and have you feeling like that bright-eyed, more zestful version of yourself are; Coenzyme Q10 ( canola oil & fish), Niacin (fish & nuts), Riboflavin (dairy & eggs), Carnitine (beef & dairy), and Alpha-lipoic acid (organ meats). If it s in fact your mitochondria lacking in energy production, you may feel great shortly after this alteration to your daily routine. My advice- don’t let something as simple as not eating a well balanced; whole foods diet slow you down in such a fast paced world!